• Callsign and QTH dialogs
  • Added band 6m for FT8/FT4
  • Changed low freq to 500kHz

How install:

Copy the file to the DATA partition of the SD card and turn on the power of the device.

For Windows (de Jerry K6ANI):

I was able to copy the 1.20.1 Patch into the SD card, into the DATA partition on my Windows 10 laptop. It ends up that the reason I couldn't see the Data partition on Windows File Explorer was because File Explorer only shows drive partitions that have been assigned drive letters.

In Disk Management, I could see the three partitions on the 1.20.0 SD card. But the DATA partition did not have a drive letter assigned to it. I assigned a derive letter (F:) and when I rebooted, the DATA partition was there in File Explorer.