• Improved fonts (zero crossed out)
  • Improved VOL read
  • VOL/MFK modes bugfix
  • Improved FT8 decoder


  • Sending a carrier signal using case PTT (in CW mode)
  • Noise Shelf Display on S-Meter
  • Buttons light
  • Line-In, Line-Out settings
  • Settings of info in the clock
  • Magnification the freq and the info
  • Magnification ALC
  • Changed work the Up/Down HMic keys
  • Support HMic buttons SPCH, TUNER, XFC, F1
  • Changed work the Up/Down HMic keys
  • Load/Save memory via HMic buttons (Buttons 1-9)
  • Displaying Both VFOs in Split Mode
  • GPS support

Video overview